Spoiltpig Branding + packaging

Responsible farming as a brand

Spoiltpig was developed to meet the growing awareness of animal welfare in today’s consumers. The brand design development specifically highlights its British sourcing, animal welfare focus and exceptional taste.

Most recently the growing debate around the decrease in effectiveness of Antibiotics and the overuse in farming prompted spoiltpig to source their pork loins and bellies from herds that were raised without the use of antibiotics. These pigs are outdoor bred in healthy environments well away from other herds and when moved indoors to bright airy barns, they have plenty of room to move around in and clean, deep hay to enjoy, enabling them to behave naturally and live healthy, happy lives.

The packaging is designed to capture all of this.

The success of spoiltpig has given spoiltpig and the retailers the confidence to extend the offer. Gammon Steaks have been launched since the re-design. A new website has been launched to support the brand and add more depth and understanding to what spoiltpig is all about. It has also been designed to interact more and begin conversations direct with its consumers.

spoiltpig has become very active in the social media space. We have worked with BMT marketing to develop Facebook campaigns as well as a myriad of promotions, events and competitions.