Santa Maria Branding + packaging

It’s carnival time!

Santa Maria is the No.2 brand in the UK for Mexican and Tex-Mex. With a limited spend available for promotions and advertising, it was losing ground against its main rival and with the UK’s interest in new cuisine, the category itself was shrinking. Rather than competing head to head, the strategy was to create a new, more exciting and engaging category that would appeal to a younger, more adventurous audience.

After extensive research and product testing, Santa Maria’s Latin American Kitchen is the result. A completely new range of cook-in sauces, derived from recipes found around Latin America, was positioned at the heart of the new offer. The packaging was designed to capture the energy and excitement of the countries from which the recipes came. Intriguing product titles highlighted the provenance of the dishes.

Exciting ‘carnival’ graphic backgrounds combined with brightly coloured dishes leave you in no doubt that these are exciting meals to be tried and enjoyed as soon as possible…

We designed and implemented the range of over 60 products.