Mazoon (Oman) Packaging

Proud to be Omani

Mazoon is a pioneering dairy and juice business that will soon be the largest home-grown dairy producer in Oman - from the importing of 1,600 cows to constructing the farm and the factory, Mazoon is building everything literally from the ground up.

Mazoon’s mission is to enrich the lives of Omanis every day helping them realize their potential through the health benefits of Mazoon products, something close to the heart of the Omani government, a major supporter of Mazoon. The Sultanate is working towards attaining self-sufficiency in the food sector and Mazoon Dairy is a flagship business for this initiative.

Working closely with Siegel + Gale who created the brand identity and packaging strategy, we developed the packaging design to celebrate the diversity of Oman, thus emphasising the provenance and freshness of the product. Creating a panorama of the Oman landscape and featuring well known landmarks from around the Sultanate enabled us to create varied and exciting looking packaging in a traditionally staid category. Pack structures too, were developed to reflect local, traditional storage vessels, underlining the Omani provenance.

Mazoon has recently launched its core products of Milk, Laban and Yoghurt and there is plenty more to come in the future, over 200 products are planned across dairy, juice and food categories.