Macsween of Edinburgh Brand identity + packaging + communications

Haggis, not just for Burns!

As the producer of Scotland’s favourite and best tasting haggis, the Macsween brand was out of step with the company’s ambition to be a leading, premium food producer. In addition, research commissioned to gain insights into the usage habits and purchasing motivations of shoppers, had identified barriers to consumers purchasing haggis regularly. The traditional haggis shape wasn't appealing to everyone and was actually putting some people off and while synonymous with Burns’ Night, wasn’t appropriate for a product that Macsween wanted to become a regular item on the shopping list.

A full brand review was needed.

The brand identity was redesigned to communicate its premium position and to reinforce Macsween’s provenance and family heritage. Classic typography, the creation of a special tartan graphic and careful use of black and gold resulted in the elegant, but accessible look.

The identity was applied to all communications and a new strapline created to capture the brand’s mission to be a leading food producer.

‘Trust us to be interesting’

The product offering was reorganised into distinct product ranges to meet the needs of different consumers without changing the much loved, award-winning recipes. The traditional range retained the traditional haggis shape and was enhanced to feel more special. The core Macsween range was named as Delicious Every Day and broke with convention by being formatted more like a continental sausage to signal its potential as both a meal and an ingredient. A Special Recipe range was introduced to showcase the potential of haggis and Macsween products. Recipe ideas became the focus of the pack designs and communications to make the products more accessible and to encourage year round rather than seasonal purchase.

‘Haggis, not just for Burns’