Knorr Global brand packaging

It’s not easy being green!

As part of Unilever’s strategy to reposition Knorr and convert it into one of the world’s leading foodbrands, a compelling new identity and a global packaging design system was developed.

Our work focused on meeting the needs of different markets and finding a way to create a coherent identity so Knorr was recognisable and communicated the same values wherever it was in the world. We needed a system that was flexible too, so the multiple sub ranges could express themselves and were not too strait-jacketed by the new design.

In some markets, not all, Knorr’s key colour was green and we decided that the freshness inherent within the colour should become the global identifier for the new identity. The logo was also re-designed to be more dynamic and signal the quality of the Knorr product. A supergraphic anchored the logo at the top of the pack ensuring consistency and a dominance of green.

After extensive exploration and testing in several markets, the new identity is fresher, more sociable and in line with the “enjoy life, enjoy food” brand positioning.