GB Chew Brand identity + packaging

Raising the bar

Having trained with Prue Leith and starting her own business, GB Founder Lucy Ponsonby, developed her own snack bars to sell on her coffee van. She felt passionately that there was the opportunity to create healthy, rich and refreshing raw bars to turn her customers away from standard snacks that compromised quality and flavor.

After 18 months of testing and drawing on her expertise as a trained chef, using complex ingredients and great skill, Lucy had created her unique and compelling GB Chew raw bar range. Up to 8 ingredients in every bar means the bars are beautifully blended and tasty. Being prebiotic, 100% organic, the products are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Her customers were delighted with the bars, and soon major supermarket chains were interested in stocking the product too. Lucy asked us to review the brand and develop new packaging to do justice to the quality of the product.

In a crowded sector we needed to find a way of her offer standing out. We focused on the unique properties of Lucy’s product. Yacon root is at the heart of the range providing a luxurious texture and taste, both boosting the immune system and improving digestion. We used this and the fact that the bars are 100% Organic to lead the pack, while ensuring the look is premium, fresh and tasty.