Denhay Brand identity + packaging + communications

Bacon as it used to taste!

We all know how tantalising the smell of cooking bacon can be, it’s so mouth-watering that it has even been known to turn vegetarians. Bacon is highly emotive. For many it evokes deep-seated memories of bacon sizzling in the pan for family breakfasts. However, changing eating habits and health concerns have meant bacon has featured less and less in our diet. These days bacon usage, especially for premium bacon, has been reduced to a treat for a weekend breakfast or for the occasional mid-week bacon sandwich. The competition amongst bacon brands has become fierce. Price has become more of a factor and the quality of some bacon brands compromised.

Not so with Denhay. They have a passion for producing great tasting dry cured bacon and have won many premier food awards, and of course been awarded a Royal Warrant by the Prince of Wales. Our work has extended to all areas of Denhay brand communications, from packaging to website and social media and most recently we have developed a brand for the professional and catering market – Denhay Direct.

We have been working with Denhay for almost 15 years now, and during that time have evolved the brand to ensure it stays relevant and continues to communicate the craft and care that goes into creating great British bacon. Indeed, what Denhay customers tell us tastes as bacon used to taste.