Booths Packaging + design implementation

Pride of the North

As a result of its redesign, more people are now doing their weekly shop at Booths than was the case 5 years ago. About the time we started working closely with Smith & Village on the complete redesign of the Booths range of own label packaging. Smith & Village created a beautifully elegant identity to match the Booths brand positioning and aspirations. A family business since 1871 with a reputation for quality and service, Booths now has an own label range with packaging to match the quality of the product.

And Booths’ investment has paid dividends, the own label range has won no less than two DBA Design Effectiveness Awards.

Our role has been primarily working with Smith & Village in design implementation and artwork production but we have also created some range designs under their art direction.

Our design for the Pasta range was drawn from classic Italian pasta packaging. We wanted a colour combination that would be identified with pasta and Italy, the blue and gold do that job beautifully. The use of brass eyelets to seal the packs adds to the range’s authenticity and provenance.

The Produce range is at the heart of Booths in store and a flagship for the brand. The design is simple and clear with information well organised but elegantly presented. The packaging is deliberately minimal so the product can be hero.