Accu-Chek Global brand packaging design

Accu-Chek passionately enabling success

Roche’s Accu-Chek is the global market leader in Diabetes Management. A successful advertising campaign had established a distinctive look for the brand – a unique shape and a range of colours designed to be inspiring, warm and empowering for diabetes patients. We adopted the design elements for the packaging to reinforce the brand’s empathy with the needs of diabetes patients and to bring strong brand recognition whatever the environment – a pharmacy shelf or in a hospital storeroom or doctor’s surgery.

Colour is used to differentiate product groups from each other and to link products across a range. Information is clearly and consistently presented so that patients can find key information simply and quickly. Diabetes often affects eyesight so this was vital and had to be effective even when packs carried multiple languages.

Hero products, such as Blood Glucose Meters are displayed in pack windows wherever possible as part of the brand’s mission to reassure and confirm the quality of the product.

The principles extend to the back of pack, the simplicity of the product’s operation is clearly explained through the use of photography and diagrams.

After careful testing in Accu-Chek’s key markets, the new identity has been rolled out across the globe. To help in this complex and lengthy task and to ensure ongoing consistency and quality of design, we produced a comprehensive brand design guidelines and master artworks for the key products at launch to act as standard bearers for the new brand presentation.